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League of Angels Hack

League of Angels cheats

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Info about this game (League of Angels)

League of Angels is maintained in a typical Asian-themed browser game with elements of strategic MMORPG. The title was prepared by GTArcade, which is part of the world’s leading publisher of online games – Games Youzu company from Hong Kong. The game takes us into the world of fantasy, which, known for its beauty and splendor, for centuries was an oasis of peace and security through the League of Angels powerful beings called by some angels. But one day a sinister Suurde angels took their power and began to gradually eliminate defenseless creatures. In defense of the League they stood still people, trying again to bring order in the land and restore its longtime patrons of their former power. Players take on the role of daredevils who with the help of angels shall face the forces of evil, controlled by Suurde. By joining the fun, create your character, choosing his appearance and class (here to choose only Warrior or Mage). After completing the tutorial, we go to the game proper, which constitutes the exercise of the merits further quests feature. During the exploration recruit to our team next heroes, creating an army capable of resisting the forces of evil. The fight takes place in a typical turn-based mode, and the role of the player is limited to a minimum, as most clashes runs automatically. For gained during combat experience and gold, we can improve the ability of our hero and equip it new weapons, items and equipment. Mechanics fun does not differ significantly from the other browser based MMORPGs, led by Legend Online. The advantage of League of Angels is, however, a large number of game modes, allowing players to spend time with the game in their favorite way. In addition to the main mode in the game PvE not lacked numerous gameplay modes PvP, where we compete with other players, or combine forces in skirmishes with powerful computer opponents. It is supplemented by numerous collateral mini-games, diversifying gameplay and allow to earn valuable extra experience points and gold. In terms of the housing League of Angels grows over browser-mediocrity, offering attractive, hand-drawn graphics and catchy soundtrack. Like most similar production, the game uses a typical model of free-to-play with micropayments. Unique weapons and items purchased for real cash, much easier gameplay and provide a significant advantage over players that use only free option game. The authors also foresee the possibility of having a paid premium membership, which guarantees a number of additional benefits.


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